Saturday, February 13, 2010

How to Get Tickets to the Vancouver Olympics

Everybody wants to know where to get tickets for the Vancouver Olympics. Tickets to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games were released and sold in phases. Every step of the ticket program was designed to be simple, fair and accessible for any person interested in attending the Games. The first tickets went on sale on October 3, 2008. Tickets were released in subsequent batches.

The Vancouver 2010 organization held back some of what they considered to be the best tickets and they are offering them through an online auction. These tickets are generally the best seats in the most popular events. For example, there are tickets to assorted hockey games and figure skating events. This is not how to get cheap tickets to the Vancouver Olympics. A set of 4 tickets to the medal gold medal match is now at a bid of close to $12,000.00

The non-auction prices are a lot more reasonable. Tickets for the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremonies range in price from $175-$1,100. The cost for tickets to attend the closing ceremonies ranges in price from $175-$775. Tickets to either the Mens or Ladies free skate are a steep $450. However, tickets to either the Mens or Ladies downhill competition are a more reasonable $150.

For those people without deep pockets there are some cheaper Olympic ticket events that might interest them. There are some reasonably priced Vancouver Olympic tickets. For the B quality seating every biathlon event is $25. The same goes for the cross-country skiing events. For the same caliber of seating the bobsleigh, luge and skeleton events run between $30-40 depending upon the event.

Tickets for the mens hockey gold medal match run between $350-$775 per seat but you can catch some mens preliminary hockey games for as low as $50. Tickets to the womens hockey events are much cheaper. Tickets to the early womens hockey matches are as low as $25. Tickets to the womens hockey gold medal match cost between $125-$325 per ticket.

It is also possible to buy tickets through a system called fan to fan. This system allows people to re-sell their tickets legitimately. Each purchaser is issued a new official ticket and the bar code on the original ticket becomes invalid. No ticket can be sold for less than the face value of the ticket.

In recognition of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Visa sponsorship Visa is the only credit card accepted.

It is also possible to buy tickets privately through websites like Craigslist and you will be certain to see some scalpers around the Olympic venues.

The answer to how to get tickets to the Vancouver Olympics is varied. It is still possible to get tickets to most events. If money is not a limiting factor then you can still get excellent tickets to the Vancouver Olympics.